Pediatric Dentistry

Providing top-notch dental care is crucial for children, just as it is for adults. We take immense pride in assisting our young patients in achieving optimal oral health through our specialized pediatric dental services.

Your Pediatric Dentist in Romeoville, IL

Taking care of your teeth is a vital part of maintaining overall health. Dentists consistently emphasize the following basic practices to keep your teeth healthy and looking great: Regularly brush and floss to prevent decay, visit your dentist at least twice a year, avoid using your teeth to open or tear items, and limit foods and drinks that can stain your teeth. Our passion for dental health is evident in everything we do.

Dental care for children, however, requires a different approach. Your family dentist can explain that children need extra care and attention for their dental health. For kids, a trip to the dentist can be unfamiliar and intimidating, involving sitting still in a chair while unfamiliar tools are used in their mouths. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a dentist who is skilled and adept at making young patients feel comfortable and ensuring their dental visits are positive experiences.

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  • What does pediatric dentistry include?

    Pediatric dentistry focuses on several preventive treatments to maintain and enhance oral health in children. One key treatment includes the application of dental sealants on a child’s back molars. These sealants are made of a thin acrylic coating applied to the teeth and then hardened, effectively forming a barrier against bacteria and plaque that can lead to cavities and tooth decay.

    Another important aspect of pediatric dentistry is fluoride treatments. Fluoride is applied directly to the teeth, integrating with the enamel to strengthen them and make them more decay-resistant. This treatment not only helps prevent new decay but can also help reverse early signs of tooth decay. These measures ensure that children’s teeth remain strong and healthy as they grow.

  • What are the common issues of dental health in children?

    Many of a kid’s dental problems are the same ones affecting adults, but as children’s teeth are still developing, untreated dental conditions can cause poor and misaligned tooth development, leading to a more serious problem as a child grows up.

    Some of the most common issues with children are:
    – Tooth decay
    – Bad breath
    – Sensitive teeth
    – Thumb-sucking
    – Gum disease
    – Teeth grinding
    – Canker sores
    – Baby teeth-loss
    – Over-retained primary teeth
    – Dental Anxiety

  • What makes Romeoville Dental Center different?

    Romeoville Dental Center stands out because of our commitment to creating a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere. This approach helps children relax and feel at ease during their dental visits, making them more open to treatments and examinations.

    We also believe in family involvement in the dental care process. Encouraging parents and family members to stay with their children during treatments enhances the children’s sense of safety and comfort.

    Our team takes the time to thoroughly discuss each child’s dental evaluation and the treatment options available, ensuring that parents can make well-informed decisions about their child’s dental care.

    Furthermore, we focus on educating children about good dental habits early on. Instilling these practices is crucial for setting a solid foundation for lifelong dental health. Choosing the right dentist is essential in this process, and we aim to be that choice for every family.

More Questions?

If you have any more questions about pediatric dental care, please contact our office and we will be happy to discuss further.

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