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Romeoville Dental Center Staff Q&A: Hygienist Jaime

Get to Know Romeoville Dental Center Hygienist Jaime

We interviewed another Romeoville dental hygienist! This time, we sat down with Jaime to hear how she got into her career as a hygienist and lots of other little details.

Q&A with Romeoville Dental Center Hygienist Jaime


Q. How long have you been a Romeoville Dental Center Hygienist?

I’ve been a hygienist for 17 years, since 2004, with that whole time here at Romeoville Dental Center!

Q. How, when, and why did you decide to become a dental hygienist?

Actually, for a long time, I wanted to be a teacher. I did pursue that for a while. When I was at college, I met someone who had graduated in dental hygiene. Her career sounded very interesting to me and I changed my course to focus on dental hygiene at that point. I had always had good experiences at the dentist, and I liked the family-friendly flexibility of the hygienist job. I never looked back!

Jaime Akre speaks with a patientQ. Can you share some insight into what makes you especially good at your job?

I like to think that I have a lot of compassion and empathy for others. Those qualities help me deal with patients and relate to how they’re feeling. It also helps to have lots of practice. After 17 years, I know what to look for, and I know a lot of ways to help them feel more comfortable.

Q. What’s your philosophy or approach in caring for your patients?

Well, I’m a huge talker, but that’s all about finding commonality and a connection. It might sound a little funny, but it’s a bit like speed dating! I engage in conversation, ask lots of questions, inquire about their interests, and discover things to discuss to make them feel more comfortable. I learn a lot along the way.

That helps with the other really important element: treating them like family. You can only really do that by getting to know them, trying to relate, and genuinely caring about them. Of course, I care deeply about their dental health, but I care about them as a person too.

Q. Why did you choose to work in Romeoville?

You know, it’s just a really nice community with great patients and neighbors. I grew up not far away, so I knew that from the start. Easy decision!

Jaime Akre shows her scrapbookingQ. Tell us more about yourself. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Even before COVID, I was a bit of a homebody. I like simply spending time with friends and family. Scrapbooking is a hobby of mine. It’s a creative way to stay connected to who and what is most important.

I’m a Bears fan too. One of our new favorite adventures is to see one game a year out of state to see different stadiums. One of the coolest I’ve seen is the Miami Dolphins’ Sun Life Stadium.

Of course, I also love to vacation with my kids and husband. One favorite spot is Disney World. We love it all — the Magic Kingdom, the shows, the fireworks. We love it with kids and without. It never disappoints! But we also like to go to new places, anywhere with a beach and palm trees.

Q. Last but not least, one more question for you. As a dental hygienist, what’s your best advice for patients?

Brush the teeth you want to keep!

Q. Anything else you’d like to share?

Fun fact: I was named after Jaime Sommers, the Bionic Woman!

That’s a wrap on our chat with hygienist Jaime. Keep an eye out next month for our next Romeoville Dental Hygienist Q&A, and in case you missed it, check out our Q&A with hygienist Gayle.

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Maria Seivert
Maria Seivert
August 4, 2022.

Quick appointments,pain free procedures and friendly staff

Katrina Disegna
Katrina Disegna
August 3, 2022.

I love coming to RDC. Although I’ve moved quite some distance away…. I can’t bring myself to find an office closer, when I know I’m getting the best care and treatment here, with people I think of like family.

lillian murray
lillian murray
July 29, 2022.

New Patient and emergency. Was looking for a modern painfree experience, I found that here. Every single employee was so professional and polite. Got in same day of my call. I will sing my praises for Romeoville Dental Center. I am beyond impressed. I if i could of given 10 stars I would of.

Mi Dz
Mi Dz
July 29, 2022.

Nice Staff, clean place and professional help always.

Courtney Stieber
Courtney Stieber
July 26, 2022.

I brought both my little girls here to get their dental exams done for school and a cleaning. They both loved it and the staff was beyond amazing with them even though they were a little nervous. Absolutely a great place to bring little kids so that they get a great first experience at the dentist!

Jill King
Jill King
July 25, 2022.

Great dental center. Staff very friendly and helpful. Easy to schedule appointments for what works best for your schedule. Also, very clean facility.

Harvey Reed
Harvey Reed
July 24, 2022.

They were friendly, pronpt, explained everything in 100% detail. They took care of my Son, Eric, and exceeded my expectations. Thankyou Romeoville dental.
Well see you all again soon.


Mitch Vanoskey
Mitch Vanoskey
July 23, 2022.

Romeoville dental center is a great dentist office. Staff is extremely nice. I would rate this dental office a 10/10.