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Straight Talk on Teeth: Don’t Ease Up on Orthodontic Care

dental-alignment-orthodontics-romeovilleIf you’re working on aligning your teeth, you know that it’s a constant process and evolution. It’s an investment requiring attention to maintenance and ongoing orthodontic care. Whether you just got started, right in the middle, or are nearing the finish line, dental alignment isn’t something to leave alone while you wait patiently (or impatiently) for the pandemic to go away.

Don’t Ease Up on Orthodontic Care

We know, aligning your teeth isn’t the easiest thing in the world, even in the best of situations. It can be uncomfortable, and even when it’s “invisible” it’s always there. It can be tempting to ease up on the process and even skip your scheduled orthodontic care visit when you’re dealing with school and/or work from home.

Anxiety has made some people reluctant to come into the dentist office. But when you’re undergoing clear aligner therapy, you have an obligation that you really should keep.

Remember Your “Why” for Wearing Your Aligners

You’re going through this for a reason, and the more you stick to the program, the faster you’ll reach your goals! Those probably include one or more of these reasons for orthodontic care:

  1. A straight (or straighter) smile
  2. Close gaps between teeth
  3. Make more room for crowded teeth
  4. Correct an underbite or overbite
  5. Even out top and bottom teeth

Maintaining Proper Orthodontic Care

We bet you remember the drill, but just in case, here are the things you should be sure not to ease up on:

  1. Keep your appointments: Aligners are a precise science, requiring check ins every six weeks to check for issues and provide the next set of trays. Our office has adopted state-of-the art technology and best practices for sterilization and hygiene to keep us all safe during covid. Your orthodontic care is too important to skip! Aligners, just like traditional braces, are not something to leave alone while you wait patiently (or impatiently) for the pandemic to go away.
  2. Keep up: Your dentist will provide you with three or four sets of trays at each check in visit, and you will need to keep track, switching to the next set every two weeks. Timing is important in this process, and it’s all up to you!
  3. Keep it in: Clear aligners are intended to be worn 22 hours a day, removing only to eat. Did you know that if you go more than 3 hours at a time without your aligners, you’ll need to go back three days in your treatment course? And don’t think we won’t notice. We can always tell!
  4. Keep it clean: Brush your aligner trays AND your teeth, floss, and rinse carefully after each meal, even lunch, even if you’re at school.

We want you to be as comfortable coming to our office as we are. Please take a look at the precautions and procedures we have in place to allow us to serve you and stay safe from COVID.

To schedule an appointment for orthodontic care, fill out this form, or call our office at 815-886-0875.