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Traditional & Clear Orthodontics

For years, traditional metal braces have helped both kids and adults straighten their teeth for dramatic smile transformations. Thanks to improvements in orthodontics, the braces of today look better and feel more comfortable than they ever have before. At Romeoville Dental Center, we can sit down with you to discuss how dental braces can benefit you and leave you with a confident, attractive smile.

What Metal Braces Can Do

One of the great advantages of metal braces is that they can handle even the most complicated alignment issues. Here are some of the concerns that braces can fix:

  • Gaps — spacing between teeth
  • Crowding — when your teeth overlap or are tipped at an angle
  • Underbite — when your lower teeth project out more than your upper teeth
  • Overbite — when your upper teeth vertically overlap your lower teeth
  • Openbite — when there is a gap or opening between the front teeth when the mouth is closed/the back teeth are touching
  • Overjets — when your upper front teeth excessively protrude out over your lower teeth (casually referred to as buck teeth)
  • Mismatched midline — when the center of the upper and lower front teeth don’t line up

How Dental Braces Work

Dental braces use a combination of brackets, which look like small squares, and thin arch wires to guide teeth into their perfect positions. The brackets are attached to your teeth and the wires that connect all the brackets apply pressure to gently pull teeth into place. Every few weeks or so, we’ll have you visit our office so we can make any necessary adjustments to keep your teeth moving in the right direction.

How Teeth Straightening Can Benefit Your Life

If you’ve spent years covering your mouth when you smile, avoiding job interviews, or putting off asking that special someone out due to embarrassment over your smile, our dentists in Romeoville can help straighten that out for you.

How Much Do Traditional Braces Cost?

When it comes to straightening your teeth, traditional braces are considered one of the cheapest options. In general, traditional braces are considered one of the cheapest options when it comes orthodontic treatment. The actual cost of braces ranges widely, however, depending on how complex the case is and whether or not your insurance covers anything (some plans do and some don’t). When you come in for your consultation, we’ll get a much better idea of price estimates. We always make sure our patients are aware of costs before beginning any procedure!

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