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The Link Between White Teeth & Attraction

two attractive blond women hug and smile to show off their white teeth

When you picture the most attractive people in the world, do they all have something in common? If you said “great teeth,” you’re not the only one who thinks a bright white smile is important. There’s a strong link between white teeth and attraction. If you want to feel more attractive this Valentine’s Day, whiter teeth could be the answer.

What’s the Research on White Teeth & Attraction?

When animals search for a mate, the males are often very flamboyant and flashy.

This is especially true in the bird kingdom. More colorful than the girls, the boys hop and dance around to show off their colors. Male peacocks are a great example of this. Their impressive tail feathers serve no other purpose than to attract a mate. In the biology world, these feathers are known as “ornaments.” According to a study from researchers at Central Lancashire and Leeds, our ornaments are our teeth.

To test their theory, the researchers digitally manipulated models’ tooth color. When yellow, a person’s attractiveness rating went down. When the models’ teeth were a natural white, they became more attractive. This isn’t a surprising reveal, but the specific reasons are interesting. Your tooth color can give others information about your health and genetic background. Generally, white teeth indicate good health and good genes, while yellow has the opposite effect. While “good health and good genes” might not be first on your list of things you want in a partner, humans are attracted to these traits on a primal level.

Want to Feel More Attractive & Boost Your Confidence for Valentine’s Day?

Are you 100 percent happy with your smile or do you wish your teeth were whiter?

White teeth not only make you more physically attractive to others. They also give your confidence a boost and most people find self-assurance irresistible! Here at Romeoville Dental Center, we offer custom take-home whitening kits. After a consultation with one of our doctors, we’ll get an impression of your teeth and create your trays. You’ll be sent home with the trays and professional-strength whitening gel. For best results, always follow the instructions we give you. Since the gel is stronger than what you could get over-the-counter, you’ll see results faster.

To set up a consultation and get whiter teeth in time for this season of love, contact us at our Romeoville office.

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