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Romeoville Dental Center Staff Q&A: Dr. Nina Arora

Romeoville Dental Center Dental Staff Q&A: Dr. Nina Arora

How Well Do You Really Know Your Dentist? We’ve got the scoop on Dr. Nina Arora.


With all the questions we ask when you visit, we think we know you pretty well. We hope the feeling is mutual! Next to keeping you healthy and smiling, our greatest joy is getting to know you personally. That goes both ways, so we want to share more about us. We’ve introduced Dr. Nina Arora and the other doctors on our website in the past. While some things are as true as ever, like her love of tacos, and of course, her patients, other things have changed, like welcoming Dr. Sheikh to the practice and adapting to the global COVID-19 pandemic. We channeled our inner journalists to get more of the scoop to share with you all.


Q&A with Romeoville Dental Center Staff Member Dr. Nina Arora


Q. Seems like 2021 is off to a good start with your recent vaccination against COVID-19! Now that 2020 is behind us,  what can you share about what you discovered over the past year?

As challenging as it’s been, I enjoyed the slower, quieter pace to reflect and reset. It was great to have the chance to consider my priorities, get back to them, focus on what’s really important and cut out the fluff.


Q. What do you enjoy doing most when you have extra time at home? Do you still love taco night?

Am I really that predictable? Yes! Taco night is definitely still a thing. My husband and I are always changing it up though, and experimenting with new ingredients. Lately, we’ve been into tempeh tacos. Tempeh is a meat substitute that’s made from soy, and it does a great job of absorbing the flavors around it. 

There are a lot of things I’ve especially enjoyed during the time at home, but they’re not new hobbies. I just get to do more of them now! I love to read, and I’ve always loved acting, comedy, and music. I’ve been practicing Improv comedy for more than a decade, and I recently picked up the guitar. I’m just learning the basics, but have dabbled in various kinds of music. I tried singing too, but that’s definitely not in my wheelhouse.


Q. In a year with all the twists and turns of 2020, it seems like improv might have been a helpful skill to have in your pocket. Do you think it helped you deal with the twists and turns?

For sure. Improv teaches life lessons, like how to say yes to whatever life throws at you, how to make the most of it and have fun.


Q. Seems like you share a love of reading with your fellow dentists in Romeoville. Any book recommendations?

That’s a true story! Reading is one of my favorite hobbies! My current book recommendation is Sapiens by Uvall Hurari, but I like to read pretty much anything I can get my hands on.


Q. Speaking of Romeoville, you’ve been in the area a long time! What keeps you here?

I’ve been in the Chicagoland area for more than 15 years, and love all the suburbs and the city have to offer. I’m just deeply rooted here. I grew up in Monmouth, Illinois southwest of here, and attended dental school in Chicago. My parents, siblings, other family, and friends are nearby, including seven nieces and nephews I adore. It’s home.


Q. As much as you love home, in the past, you’ve also said you enjoy travel and the mountains. Do you hike? 

Absolutely! I love to travel with my husband, especially to the mountains. We’re not major climbers, but we love hiking and outdoor activities. Our trip of a lifetime (so far!) was to Patagonia. Hiking there was completely amazing.


Q. Once travel is back in the picture, where will you go?
The first thing we’ll do for sure is visit family. After that, we’d love to plan a trip to the Canadian Rockies.


Q. What else should your patients know about you?
I just really, really love my job! I enjoy both of our offices and the environment. We have an amazing team in Romeoville, and I’m truly proud to work with them!


Q. Well that’s a perfect segue back to the topic of being a dentist. You’re always talking about wanting patients to feel like family. How do you make it happen?
Treating patients like family means everything, from giving absolute safety, comfort, honesty, and respect, to helping them understand their dental care, their choices, and their role. It also means having fun! And it means delivering the best quality care and standing by our work, from start to finish to follow up.

It helps that we treat all generations and even whole families. Sometimes they come in together, but sometimes they just run into each other here! Then it’s like a family gathering, with cousins laughing in different rooms while we clean their teeth. I don’t think we can overstate how much we enjoy getting to know our patients, serving families, and watching our patients grow.


Q. Can you share some thoughts on what’s different about treating children? What do you remember about your childhood dentist, and how do you apply that to your practice?
I just remember my dentist always being kind when I was growing up. We always start with that. But we also like to make it as fun as possible to make them forget about any fear or anxiety they might bring in with them. With kids, we can get a little bit more silly. I like to make up silly songs. That makes it more fun for me too!

But the fact of the matter is that making people laugh is an important part of making people of all ages feel more comfortable. We have to overcome not only the fact that there can be discomfort in the treatment process, but also the fact that dentists are so often portrayed negatively in movies and media. I understand why people feel nervous when they visit for the first time. But when we are able to put the patient in the chair of the right dentist and hygienist, ease their mind, and keep them healthy, that’s just the best feeling. A little laughter goes a long way!


That’s a wrap on our chat with Dr. Arora. Keep an eye out next month for our first Romeoville Dental Hygienist Q&A, and in case you missed it, check out our Q&As with Dr. Umang Patel and Dr. Saba Sheikh.


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Selena Nunez
Selena Nunez
October 22, 2022.

Hands down the best dental office to receive your dental and cosmetic needs. The staff is always very friendly and welcoming. It’s also so nice knowing that they have 3 amazing doctors on staff who know their craft. No matter which provider you see, you just know you’re in great hands. My last visit was with Dr. Sheikh for Botox. She’s very thorough and has a keen eye for detail. I’m two weeks out from my Botox treatment and let me just say, my skin has never felt so smooth or looked as radiant as it does now. Always a pleasure visiting Dr. Sheikh!

Victoria esposito
Victoria esposito
October 2, 2022.

Please look no further! This entire office has their act together. I’ve been seeing Dr Sheikh and she is so patient and gentle.She is also a perfectionist and listens to your concerns and delivers options. I’ve also seen Dr Nina and Dr Patel and certainly no complaints with either of them. I’ve had 3 crowns and numerous fillings and no problems with any of the work. Thanks for building my complete confidence!

Nancy Sauer
Nancy Sauer
September 29, 2022.

Today I had a great visit at Romeoville Dental! Anna and Jaime are wonderful, and so is Dr. Nina. The desk staff are very welcoming. It's always so enjoyable to come here.

Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez
September 28, 2022.

Excelente servicio

Neshelle Baker
Neshelle Baker
September 25, 2022.

I love Romeoville Dental Center! I’ve been here about 4 times and had a different hygienist and dentist each time. The entire team is amazing, every single person has always been caring, gentle and friendly. I highly recommend.

Gianna Munoz
Gianna Munoz
September 24, 2022.

By far the best dentist office I’ve been to. I love the patient care and the whole staff.

Phyllis Lanphear
Phyllis Lanphear
September 24, 2022.

The office staff and dentists are just awesome!! They take time to talk with you and make you feel so comfortable.