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In Modern Wellness Weekly: Putting An Effort Into Dental Hygiene

Dr. Umang Patel was recently featured in a Modern Wellness Weekly article,Putting An Effort Into Dental Hygiene,” by Lisa Iannucci.

The article details the importance of proper toothbrush hygiene, which can prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, an how to make your toothbrush last longer.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Even if you’re not having any problems right now, it’s important to get in to see your dentist if you’ve been away. “Preventative care is always a good reason to visit the dentist,” said Dr. Umang Patel, a Chicagoland dentist with Romeoville Dental Center and Palos Heights Family Dental, “That’s how we avoid some issues like cavities altogether and stop others in their tracks. Regular cleanings, plaque removal, X-rays, and careful oral examination by the dentist are all essential oral hygiene practices that we highly recommend you maintain when possible.”

Check out the full article for more advice from Dr. Patel.

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