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How to Keep Your Dental Health Resolutions

In 2018, commit to improving the health of your teeth and look of your smile by making some dental New Year’s resolutions. Worried you won’t be able to keep them? Think again! Follow some of these tips in our blog post to ensure that your new year is filled with good oral hygiene habits. Don’t forget to call and schedule your cleaning.

Common Causes of Teeth Sensitivity

Do you tend to avoid eating cold foods or drinking hot beverages because it makes your teeth hurt? If so, you may be experiencing tooth sensitivity. But what is tooth sensitivity, what causes it, and how can you treat it? What Is Tooth Sensitivity? Dentin, a material that contains microscopic tubules filled with nerve endings, … Continued

Did Cavemen Get Cavities?

Cavemen didn’t have the temptation of candy and soda to harm their teeth, but they also didn’t have modern dental tools and dentists either. So did they get cavities? The answer, in short, is yes. But how did they get them? Dietary Changes Studies show that hunter-gatherers barely had any cavities, given their varied and … Continued