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5 Habits That Can Hurt Your Teeth

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At Romeoville Dental Center, we get frequent questions from our patients about whether certain habits, products, or items can improve their dental health. Of course, we all just want a bright, white smile and healthy teeth – but we often find that our patients are doing things they might think are healthy but are actually harming their teeth. Today, we want to bust some of these myths, as well as include some tips from Dr. Patel, Dr. Arora, and Dr. Passolt-Kung about healthy habits that actually work!

Top 5 Habits That Can Harm Your Teeth

  1. Exercising without Dental Protection
  2. Exercising is a great way to stay healthy. However, it is incredibly important to protect your teeth if you practice an impact sport. Whether it’s boxing or basketball, consider getting a custom mouthguard to be sure you’re doing all you can to protect your teeth. If you have questions, ask one of our dentists during your next appointment.

  3. Brushing Immediately After Eating
  4. This may seem counterintuitive, but you could actually be damaging your teeth if you brush immediately after eating – especially if you’re eating acidic food! After consuming oranges, coffee, or other acidic foods, your enamel can soften. If you brush immediately after, you may remove enamel and leave your teeth feeling sensitive. Instead, wait about 30 minutes after eating to brush your pearly whites.

  5. Chewing on Ice
  6. This one may seem harmless – after all, we’re always hearing about how we need to drink more water! However, chewing on ice is an easy way to crack or chip a tooth. If you truly need something to chew on, opt for some sugar-free gum.

  7. Sipping on Wine, Lemon Water, Soda, and Similar Acidic Drinks
  8. Although some studies suggest wine and lemon water provide health benefits, slowly sipping on these acidic beverages exposes your teeth to acid that can wear away your enamel and cause cavities. Drink water to help wash away the acid before it causes any damage.

  9. Brushing Too Hard
  10. While you may think brushing vigorously is just a way to take care of your teeth in a shorter amount of time, brushing too hard can damage your teeth. You should use a soft-bristled brush and brush twice daily for two minutes to ensure that you’re cleaning your teeth without damaging enamel or irritating your gums.

Our highly qualified dentists want to help you establish dental habits that will protect your teeth. Contact us today!

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Elizabeth Majka
Elizabeth Majka
September 15, 2022.

I am always happy with my experiences at Romeoville Dental Center! Everyone is so nice, and I am never nervous to get my teeth worked on there. Thanks!

Jean Suchowian
Jean Suchowian
September 15, 2022.

They are always helpful and nice! They do a great job my son is happy with all of them!

September 15, 2022.

Sweetest people ever!! I felt so comfortable & taken care of by everyone there

Troy McGary (Agent RhoShambo)
Troy McGary (Agent RhoShambo)
September 14, 2022.

Friendly staff, always take the time to discuss how you are doing, and what needs to be done. I've been a patient for 10+ years, and even though I moved out of town, I always come back for my dental needs.